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Combat Sports International

Combat Sports Leather Pro Style Shin Instep

Model Number: Sig 9


Combat Sports Leather Pro Style Shin Instep

Combat Sports Pro-Style Shin Guards take protection and comfort to the next level, making them the best guards on the market. Period.
Durable, leather striking surface
An additional layer of strategically placed foam padding tapers down from the top of the guard to the instep
Pro-style design makes them compact and efficient
Full neoprene rear sleeve anchors the guards firmly in place, while mesh and lycra windows aid in sweat evaporation
A four inch slit at the top, rear of the guard is secured via a hook & loop closure and allows the guard to be easily put on or removed. No more struggling!
A retractable, elastic security band at the top of the guard insures a tight, non-slip fit

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Boxing, Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing and all other contact sports are high risk sports and users of these products are subject to personal injury. These training and fitness accessories provide a degree of protection but are not warranted to protect the user from injury. The user must assume full responsibility for any injury sustained through the use of these products. Depending on usage, the protective quality will diminish in time and require replacement.