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Everlast Professional
Ringside Boxing

Everlast Hyperflex Strike bag

Model Number: 2264G


Everlast Hyperflex Strike bag

Design allows for easy movement around target, increasing cardio, leg conditioning and hand-eye coordination.
Dual HYPERFLEX™ individual locking springs provides three workout settings for comprehensive punching, reflex and cardio workouts.
Speed Flex (Lock Base, Unlock Neck) setting is ideal for fast punches, combinations and reflexes.
Straight Flex (Unlock Base, Lock Neck) setting is ideal for punch techniques, agility, footwork, defense and timing.
Hyperflex (Unlock Base, Unlock Neck) setting is ideal for ultimate accuracy, speed, and agility training, and simulates sparring sessions for striking and defense.
High density plastic base.
Approximately 70 LBS when filled with water; 63” in height at highest setting.

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Boxing, Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing and all other contact sports are high risk sports and users of these products are subject to personal injury. These training and fitness accessories provide a degree of protection but are not warranted to protect the user from injury. The user must assume full responsibility for any injury sustained through the use of these products. Depending on usage, the protective quality will diminish in time and require replacement.

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