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Ringside Medicine Balls - Rubber

Model Number: RMB


Ringside Medicine Balls - Rubber

The Ringside Rubber Medicine ball is a unique and versatile total-body training tool that helps develop muscular strength, endurance, power, stability, and joint integrity. The ball will bounce and it maintain its shape, It is extremely durable.

Medicine balls can be used for a wide range of applications from slow and controlled moves all the way up to very fast-moving, ultra-dynamic ones. They can be held onto, tossed, bounced, and even slammed against nearly any surface, like rubber or hardwood floors, grass or artificial turf, even concrete.

Sturdy rubber construction with a textured surface for superior grip
Built to bounce off hard surfaces
Helps develop core strength and improve coordination, balance, and endurance

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Boxing, Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing and all other contact sports are high risk sports and users of these products are subject to personal injury. These training and fitness accessories provide a degree of protection but are not warranted to protect the user from injury. The user must assume full responsibility for any injury sustained through the use of these products. Depending on usage, the protective quality will diminish in time and require replacement.