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Ringside Power Puncher Heavy Bag

Model Number: LLHB 200 S


Ringside Power Puncher Heavy Bag

The bigger target provides a more imposing opponent to push around. The added size also helps build strength and power in the upper body. Soft Shredded textile filling provides a comfortable hitting surface.No more sore knuckles or hands and helps reduce muscle strain on wrist, elbows, and shoulders.The bag weighs 140 lbs. when shipped, To achieve the desired 200 lbs. weight simply unzip the top of the bag and add 60 lbs. of sand to the plastic cylinder which runs down the center of the bag. This bag measures 16" x 48", and is available in soft fill only. A Heavy Bag Chain and Swivel are included.
Available in soft fill only
Bag weighs 200 lbs (after filling with sand).
Measures 16" x 48"
A Heavy Bag Chain and Swivel are included

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