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Valor CA - 53 Speed bag Platform

Model Number: VASBP


Valor CA - 53 Speed bag Platform

The CA-53 Valor Fitness 2" Speed Bag Platform was made with the thought process of how a speed bag platform should work.The reinforced steel tubes that support the platform allows all of the energy to be transferred back through the platform to the speed bag while in use.The adjustable worm drive mount allows each user to locate the specific height for their desired level of performance.Just a few turns will allow enough of an adjustment to be felt in your arms and shoulders during your workout. The mounting brackets allow you to mount the platform onto a solid object like a cement wall or studs in wall.

2" High density wood platform 23" diameter
360 degree chain link bearing swivel
4 locking screws for secure platform positioning
Comes with mounting bolts for both cement and wood mounts
Speed Bag and pump included

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